Wheatfields Infants' and Nursery School

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School Staff September 2022



Miss Clare Cockburn


Assistant Headteacher Inclusion, Behaviour and Pastoral Support

Mrs Jayne Nicholl


Associate Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Juliet Norman





Miss Katrina Matthews


Early Years Practitioners

Mrs Sarah Clarke

Miss Lois Hoyte

Mrs Brenda Lee

Mrs Dawn Lewis

Mrs Helen Purvis

Mrs Sara Rudge

Mrs Lucy Skinner





Mrs Ros Bushi - Conkers (Year Group Leader)

Miss Joanne Campbell - Acorns

Miss Ilmiyat Khatun - Pinecones


Early Years Practitioners

Mrs Elaine Bean

Mrs Louise Britten

Mrs Brenda Lee

Miss Charlotte Macfarlane


Year 1



Mrs Victoria Foley - Willow 

Miss Simone Read and Mrs Tracey Lowe  - Oak

Miss Angela Morgan - Chestnut ( Year Group Leader)


Learning Assistants

Mrs Sarah Dibbs

Mrs Katie Smith

Mrs Jane Tocher

Mrs Sarah Taylor

Miss Lynsey Thomaidis


Year 2



Mrs Juliet Norman - Ash

Mrs Esther Chalk - Beech (Year Group Leader)

Mrs Liz Pratt - Maple


Learning Assistants

Mrs Sarah Avvinti

Mrs Deborah Carlin

Mrs Niki Evans

Miss Carly Hunt
Mrs Ildeniz Watt


Inclusion Support


Learning Assistants

Mrs Abbey Cerrone

Mrs Gretel Gould

Miss Carly Hunt

Mrs Ana Hrzic

Mrs Brenda Lee

Miss Lola Parratt

Mrs Katy Quinn

Mrs Natalya Riddell

Mrs Sarah Rudge

Miss Catherine Smith

Mrs Ildeniz Watt

Mrs Morgan Whitehead


Literacy Support

Mrs Tanya Lanwarne


Numeracy Support

Dr Kirsten Adams


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Diane Nicholas

Mrs Katie Robins

Mrs Sarah Taylor





Mr Roy Westcott


Sustainable Learning Environment Assistant

Mr Paul Evans




School Business Manager

Mrs Caroline Churchill


Finance Administrator

Mrs Heather Molsom


School Administrator

Mrs Alison Maxwell


Receptionist Administrator

Mrs Angela Rodrigues




Midday Play Leader Supervisor

Mrs Debbie Acres


Midday Play Leaders

Mrs Paula Bigwood

Miss Erin Breen

Mrs Deborah Hodge

Mrs Ana Hrzic

Mrs Jennifer Heffer

Mrs Brenda Lee

Mrs Khairah Madarbux

Mrs Jeanette Mosley

Mrs Lola Parratt

Miss Danielle Puri

Mrs Ildeniz Watt

Mrs Morgan Whitehead


Kitchen Team


Cook Manager

Miss Alina Blaga


Kitchen Assistants

Miss Beckie Smith

Ms Melanie Heeley

Miss Carlie Tong




Treetops Leader

Mrs Debbie Acres


Treetops Assistants

Mr Bryce Breen

Miss Madeleine Brown

Mrs Firoza Kazi

Miss Lily Kelsey

Mr Ashton Latter

Mrs Jeanette Mosley

Miss Danielle Puri

Miss Jaylin Solanki

Miss Amelia Stoker

Miss Tracey Tocher

Mrs Jenny Woollard