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At Wheatfield's Infants and Nursery school we value Geography as a meaningful, engaging and practical subject which gives our learners opportunities to understand the world around them. We take a micro to macro approach ensuring that the children understand their immediate environment such as their home and our school before moving on to the UK and then the wider world. We feel it is incredibly important to look after our environment both globally and at school e.g. our whole school initiative in November of 'Switch Off Fortnight' with the help of our year two sustainable ambassadors.

We cover the knowledge and skills required by the National Curriculum on a board range of contexts which link to our Curriculum themes e.g. 'Carnival of Learning' did home learning on and where inspired by festivals and carnivals around the world or 'The Beach' where a whole key stage visit a different environment to spark learning across the half term or more. Each year the children will have the opportunity to develop their map reading skills using age appropriate maps in different environments. They will explore creating and using age appropriate maps.