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At Wheatfield's Infants and Nursery School we value History as an exciting, thought provoking subject which gives our learners opportunities to bring the past to life and apply skills, such as critical thinking and investigation skills, they have acquired throughout their time school. Wherever possible we try to link the historical events and figures that we teach to each year groups interests and e.g. Henry Ford and the evolution of the car over time, Mary Anning and dinosaurs, Victorians and Holiday. We teach history in very cross curricular way and aim to use practical resources/artefacts were ever possible ta allow children to gain first hand knowledge of the past.

We cover the knowledge and skills required by the National Curriculum in a board range of context which link to our Curriculum themes e.g. replicating 'The Great Fire of London' on the Key Stag One playground. Each year the children will have the opportunity develop their historical enquiry, knowledge and interpretation and chronological understanding skills in a variety of engaging ways.

Nursery comments about the past.


"No it was the weekend. Today is Monday."

"There used to be a Queen but she died"


What is History?


"The olden days" - Reception child


"Learning about things in the past" - Year 1 child


"History could be a long time ago or today but earlier" - Year 2



Year 1 enjoyed a school trip to the British School Museum where they were Victorian children for the day

History Curriculum Content, Planning and Progression