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Religious Education

We believe that RE at Wheatfields is an opportunity for the children to gain knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of major religions both locally and globally, helping the children to understand worldwide views, beliefs and practices of others and how different religions, customs and ways of life are diverse.

The children begin to think about and form their own personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences while respecting others’ beliefs and views. They are encouraged to question, interpret and evaluate texts, sources of wisdom and also develop their vocabulary as well as their ability to ask questions about what they are learning.

 RE is taught at Wheatfields with a mix of faith stories, role play and drama, art, design and technology and religious symbols which encourages the children to express their learning in a variety of ways. We understand the importance of real life experiences, improving the children’s cultural capital and we recognise the importance of meeting and talking to people from all faith communities as well as having the opportunity to visit places of worship.

RE in action