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Useful Information for New Families


Most forms that you will need are available to pick up from the reception foyer. Please return any forms in a sealed envelope, marked with your child’s name and class, and place them in the school drop box.



Please use School Gateway to make all payments to school; we are now a cash free school and clubs etc. should be paid for online. You can register easily from the link on the front page of our website or at https://login.schoolgateway.com/0/auth/login. Nursery extra time charges and meal charges will be available for you to pay on School Gateway.  Log on to School Gateway to make appropriate payments.



The children should be in school and lined up on the playground, ready to go into class, when the teachers collect them at 8.50am. If you are late and the classroom door is closed, you will need to bring your child to the office to sign them in and indicate their lunch choice.  Nursery children can be taken straight to the Nursery; they do not need to be signed in at the office first.



If somebody different will be picking your child up at the end of the day, please let the class teacher know at the beginning of the day when you drop your child at school, or send an email on the previous day. If we are not aware that your child is going home with somebody else, we may not be able to release them. The person picking up your child should ideally be aged over 16; however siblings aged 14 or over can collect children with prior written consent.  In an emergency situation you can phone the School Office who will be able to get a message to the class at short notice. However, please note that it would be helpful if for play dates etc., you inform teachers as opposed to phoning the office at the end of the day.


If your child is leaving school early during the day for a medical appointment etc., they must be collected from the school office and you will be asked to sign them out.



Keeping the children safe is our highest priority.  If you come into school during the school day, please sign in at the school office. All visitors to school will be asked to wear a lanyard and will be asked to hand in mobile phones while in school.  The children use the outside areas until the end of the day, so please do not come onto the playground to collect them until 3.05 pm.



Please label everything in school, including water bottles, forest school clothes, wellington boots, coats and gloves! This enables us to return everything to their owners promptly. We would love to be able to have a year of no unclaimed or unnamed lost property!


The class email addresses can be used to contact teachers directly about any issues in school that you would like to discuss. The emails go directly to the teacher and nobody else will see them. The teachers do check emails regularly, however please be aware that if you send an email during the school day, it may not be looked at until later in the evening, as the teachers will be in class. The teachers send a weekly email home updating you about what is happening in the class each week. If you do not receive the weekly emails, contact Mrs Churchill at cchurchill@wheatfieldsinfants.herts.sch.uk who will be able to chase them up for you.


Nursery                                    matthewsk@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Acorns                                      campbelljo@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Conkers                                    bushir@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Pinecones                                khatuni@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Chestnut                                  morgana@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Oak                                           reads@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school


Willow                                      foleyv@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

  Ash                                          normanj@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

 Beech                                      chalke@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Maple                                       pratte@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school



All parents are invited to their child’s class assemblies; dates are advertised on the school calendar https://www.wheatfieldsinfants.herts.sch.uk/diary/grid/2021/9/

Assemblies start at 9.00am and last approximately 20/30 minutes. Parents of children in Year 1 and Year 2 are invited to visit the classrooms for 10 minutes at the end of their child's assembly. The Reception children are often sad to say goodbye to their parents if they visit the classroom in the morning, and therefore, Reception parents are invited to visit the classrooms 10 minutes before pick up time on the day of their child’s assembly.

Music will be played as the children come into assembly, please take this as a cue to stop chatting as the assembly is about to start, and it helps the children to remember that they shouldn’t be talking at this time!



When the children have their birthdays, they often buy a new class book instead of bringing in sweets. This is a gift for the class and the books have special birthday book plates inserted into them.  This is entirely voluntarily, there is no compulsion to participate. However, we would like to remind parents that no sweets or small toys etc. should be sent in on birthdays. This is a decision made by the children themselves and was discussed by The School Council.
Can we also remind you that the children should not be bringing toys into school at any time?



Please remember to let us know about any medical information concerning your child that may need updating, and send in any inhalers etc. that your child may need in school. Appropriate medical forms can be collected from the School Office Foyer.


If your child has an medical dietary requirement, please contact The Pantry on nutrition@thepantrycatering.co.uk 

Your children’s safety is our priority, so we follow a thorough medical dietary procedure to ensure they are provided for in the correct way.

If you have any lifestyle dietary requirements please contact The Pantry, on 020 8813 7040 so we can talk through this with you.



We are part of the free fruit and vegetable government scheme. This means that your child will be given a healthy snack each day. We have no control over the type of snack that will come into school but it is uslaly apples, easy peel satsumas, carrots, bananas or tomatoes. There are occasionally pears, strawberries and mini cucumbers. 



A reminder that all dates of events in school and club dates can be found on our school calendar on the website at https://www.wheatfieldsinfants.herts.sch.uk/diary/grid/2021/9/   We also try and post important reminders on our Facebook page.



To ensure the safety of children, parents, and staff, the school car park is for staff use only and parents are not permitted to drive into the car park until after 4.30pm. Parents who are dropping children at Treetops in the morning should park outside of the school premises.  Please can you also make grandparents aware of this!


From the start of September all the gates around school will be opened and closed automatically. All the pedestrian gates that lead onto the playgrounds or field  will only be open at the start and end of the school day to allow the children to enter and leave the school site safely. These gates will be open at the end of the day at 3.00pm as usual. 


The carpark gates will be fully automated and so only staff will be able to drive onto the site. There will be a buzzer for visitors to request entrance to either the Infants or Junior school. 

Any cyclists or anyone arriving by scooter will need to dismount at the gates and push their cycle / scooter along the pedestrian path to the bike rack/shed. No parents or carers will be able to drive onto the school site during the school day.  Please avoid driving into Downes Road to avoid congestion at the school gates.


Pedestrian access for both schools during the day will only be through the gate that is to the left of the main entrance from Downes Road. (This is the gate to the left of the tree which follows the path in front of the junior school classrooms). If you then need to go to Nursery, please walk along the path in front of the school kitchen behind the steel fence. Please also ensure that your children stay close to you.  Access to both schools will only be possible using the buzzer connected to the school offices. There will be a separate buzzer for each school. This is the gate that you will also leave the site from during the school day. The other gates will remain locked


All of these measures have been put in place as a further safeguarding measure to keep children and staff safe.

Can we also remind parents  not to walk through the middle of the car park. When cars are reversing in the car park, it can be very difficult for drivers to see small children walking in the middle of the car park. To prevent any accidents, please keep your child close to you at all times and use the paths and zebra crossing. 


The children are very welcome to bring scooters and bikes into school which can be left in our racks next to the school kitchen. We recommend that you secure them with a bike lock. Please do not leave them outside the classrooms as the children are tempted to use them during the school day! To keep everybody safe, we ask that everyone walks with their scooters and bikes and do not ride them on the school site. This also applies to siblings.



The children should not use the climbing frames or any other playground apparatus at the beginning or end of the school day.  Again, this also applies to siblings.


We are aware that some parents set up group chats for classes or year groups on WhatsApp or Facebook and also use other forums such as Mumsnet.  We understand that these can be useful for some parents, however, please do not post any inaccurate or defamatory statements about children or the school on social media platforms. If you are unhappy about anything, please contact us and we can help to put it right. We only know there is a problem if you let us know!


Bookings should be made via the School Gateway where you will be able to book in advance. Bookings can be made up until midnight on the previous day. In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to book on the day. To do this please contact Mrs Acres on: treetops@wheatfieldsinfants.herts.sch.uk.

If you use childcare vouchers, please contact Mrs Acres, in advance of booking, with the value of your vouchers and she will add credit to your School Gateway Account. Payments will be credited to Breakfast and/or Afterschool Club, according to your requirements.  This will allow you to book the sessions you need.