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English (Including Phonics)

At Wheatfields Infants’ and Nursery School we base our teaching of phonics on the Song of Sounds scheme. When learning to read children need to know:


  • The sounds represented by letter

  • How to blend these sounds together to make words


When helping your child to read, it is important to use short or pure sounds. Please watch this clip for a demonstration:


Reception and Year 1 Phonics Meeting

The children are taught in three stages:

Stage 1 - This is when phonemes (single letter sounds), diagraphs (when two letters make a sound) and triagraphs (when three letters make a sound) are taught.


Stage 2 - At this point, the children are introduced to alternative ways of representing sounds.

(e.g. ai, ay, ae, eigh all make the same sound)


Stage 3 - The focus at this stage, is on rules for spellings, such as adding prefixes and suffixes and the use of apostrophes of contraction.


At every stage, children are also introduced to “tricky” words. This means words which cannot be sounded out using phonics. (e.g. the, one, many).


Here are the sound mats that we use in school. Please remember to print them off using either pastel or cream coloured paper.


Reading Presentation

Writing Presentation



Guided Reading is the main opportunity in class for teaching reading skills. Please read with and to your child every day. We encourage you to re-read books and think about the text or story to aid comprehension. There will be ideas and ways for you to support reading comprehension in the Reading Response Book. Please encourage your child to make a comment or draw a picture about what they have read.



Children need to be able to say a sentence before they write, so please do lots of talking and sharing stories with your child. Please let the children see you writing and ask them to help, e.g. shopping lists. In school the children will have lots of opportunities to talk about their ideas before recording them. We encourage the children to express themselves verbally, as this helps structure their ideas. We use many forms of recording, not only paper and pens! We have a new handwriting policy with a standardised font.  Please can you support your child at home in forming their letters in this way.


In Year 2, the children practise their writing skills across the curriculum and continue to use alternative methods of recording as appropriate to the child and task. The children are taught the skills of the different styles of writing during the year. We always make sure that the writing has a purpose and that success criteria are in place to support this process.

Handwriting and Information Sheets