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Teaching Computing Skills at Wheatfields Infants and Nursery School


Learning how to use computers and other information technology is crucial to our children who are growing up in the 21st century.  To support this learning, we have interactive whiteboards and visualisers in every classroom so that even from the youngest ages the children can see technology in action. In the Early Years the children have access to different forms of technology such as technological toys and iPads so that they can independently see the cause and effect they have on technology.


In Key Stage 1 we use the Teach Computing scheme of work created on behalf of the NCCE (National Centre for Computing Education) to plan the learning and skills progression for the children. This is spilt into 4 main areas of learning in each year group: Computing Systems and Networks, Creating Media, Data and Information, and Programming.


In order to successfully achieve the skills within these areas of learning, the children have access to iPads, laptops and other technology devices such as Beebots and data loggers with software appropriate to the children’s age and stage of development.    


Safeguarding children online is vital in this digital age. The children are regularly taught and reminded about how they can keep themselves safe online and what to do if anything makes them worried or uncomfortable.