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Online Safety

The internet is an exciting and fun place for children to use and explore educationally and socially. The challenge for parents and teachers, is to make sure that children are aware and understand how to be safe when using the internet and related technologies. With so much new technology, such as ipads and smart phones, it is important that both parents and school talk about privacy and safety with their children, starting from a very young age. There are many resources available to enable this.

Online Safety Rules

The children across the school have been asked about how they can help keep themselves and others safe online and how we look after technology. Their responses have been used to help update 'Our Online Safety Rules'. Please do have a look at these and discuss them with your child to help us reinforce the important message of how we all need to keep safe when going online.


Keeping your Child Safe Online: February 2023 Presentation Slides



Useful Websites to Help You Keep Safe Online 


UK Safer Internet




Common Sense Media


Internet Matters



Child Protection


London Grid for Learning




National Crime Agency


Parent Info


Let's Talk about it


Support for Parents and Carers to keep Children Safe from Online Harms


Support to Stay Safe Online


Always be careful when you are using the internet. It can help you to keep in touch with your friends and help your education – but it can also cause harm – to you and to others.

Remember, help is always available at school if you are having any problems online.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher or another adult at school.


If you or anyone you know is worried about Child Exploitation, Online Protection or anything related to Internet safety, please click the link below which will take you to the CEOP reporting website.

Sharing school related information on social media.


Put people first

You won't agree with everything or everyone you encounter on social media networks, but treat each person with dignity and respect. The Golden Rule of treating others how you want to be treated is a good practice.


Prioritise safety

Please be aware that any comments you post online, however innocuous they seem, may cause great distress to other people.


Post carefully

Regardless of your privacy settings, keep in mind that anything can possibly be seen, by anyone, at any time! Think before you post!


Protect yourself

Whether you're concerned with maintaining good friendships or future job prospects, be responsible in what you post and how it could affect your reputation. Many employers now check up on job candidates' social media accounts for evidence of bad behaviour.



Tips for staying safe online:


  • Make sure you keep new online friends strictly online. If someone you don't know asks to be your online friend, you must ensure an adult knows about it.


  • Know how to use the CEOP Button and how to report it to the CEOP Centre if you are concerned about someone’s online behaviour towards you.