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Lunch Menus & Milk

School dinners are cooked on the premises on a daily basis by Edwards and Blake and comply fully with government nutritional standards. They provide healthy, balanced meals with a choice of hot meat and vegetarian main courses.


If your child needs a medical diet, you will need to complete a medical request form and provide Edwards and Blake with a letter from the hospital consultant or paediatric diet that manages the care of that child. An appropriate medical diet menu based on the school’s menu cycle will then be produced for your child. Parents and carers will be invited to review and sign the proposed menu to confirm authorisation.


Diets required for religious, cultural or personal requirements/preferences and dietary trials or elimination trials, are types of preferred diet and will be managed by the school kitchen, at a local level, with Miss Coulson, our school cook.  She will help you and your child make the appropriate lunch choices from the school menus.   


All Reception and KS1 children are eligible for a free school meal. Children in the Nursery can also have school meals priced at £2.40 per meal.


We operate a 'Pupil Choice Menu'. Each day there are a selection of meals that the children can choose from - a meat, vegetarian or jacket potato option, as well as, a sandwich option and the children choose what they like on a daily basis. These are then cooked to order so that all of the children will have their meal of choice.

Packed Lunches


Packed lunches may be brought in a packed lunch box with your child’s name clearly marked on it. We encourage parents to follow healthy guidelines and so, fizzy drinks, chocolate bars and sweets are not allowed. Please also limit the number of crisps and chocolate covered biscuits in a packed lunch – perhaps these could be substituted with fresh fruit, vegetable sticks and yogurts.


Please do not send any glass containers to school. As there are an increasing number of cases of children with nut or nut-related allergies, we ask parents not to give their children any food containing nuts or sesame seeds or oil ( including some brands of houmous) for their packed lunches, and to remind their children not to share any of their food with other children.

School Milk


School milk is available for children in Nursery and Infant classes. Nursery children receive free milk, but if your child's fifth birthday falls during the term, they are treated as five years of age for the entire term and will therefore, not qualify for free milk. 

Children entitled to free school meals are also entitled to free milk, but we still need to know if your child would like it.  Although the cost of milk is subsidised by the EU, a small charge is payable in advance per term. The charge varies according to the number of days in a term. 

Further details are available about both school meals and school milk from Mrs Garretty in the School Office.