Wheatfields Infants' and Nursery School

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Contact Details

Contact Details

Wheatfields Infants' and Nursery School

Downes Road

St Albans



Telephone: 01727 859978

Email: admin@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school



Contact us, in the first instance your enquiry will go to Alison Maxwell, School Administration Manager

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Contact our Data Protection Officer, School Consulting Ltd

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Contact Our Headteacher, Clare Cockburn

Contact our SENCO, Jayne Nicholl

Teacher email addresses


The class email addresses can be used to contact teachers directly about any issues in school that you would like to discuss. The emails go directly to the teacher and nobody else will see them. The teachers do check emails regularly, however please be aware that if you send an email during the school day, it may not be looked at until later in the evening, as the teachers will be in class.

Nursery                                   matthewsk@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Acorns                                     campbelljo@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Conkers                                   bushir@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Pinecones                               khatuni@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Chestnut                                  morgana@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Oak                                           reads@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school


Willow                                      foleyv@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

  Ash                                          normanj@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

 Beech                                      chalke@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Maple                                       pratte@wheatfieldsinfants.aat.school

Paper copies of information on our website are available free of charge and can be obtained by contacting Alison Maxwell.