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Explorify Art and Science Competition 2024

CPRE Hertfordshire Children’s Art Competition 2022

Year 2 Art work displayed in the dining room

At Wheatfields our art curriculum promotes the love of art in all its forms. We teach art skills in a progressive way using artists from diverse backgrounds as our inspiration, as well as allowing our children to develop their own unique style. We teach art in a creative and cross-curricular way that takes into account the children’s interests. We value the work of all our children and their artwork can be seen around the school to celebrate this.

Art in Wheatfields

"We learnt about Vincent Van Gogh. It's really famous painting. I did some sunflowers to see how he was feeling" Y2 Child


"We learnt about brushstrokes. There are lots of ways to do brushstrokes. You can hold the paintbrush the other way round and do dots or you can go up and down or side to side. " Y2 Child


"I like using the cotton buds with the paint. We did dots and had to fill the whole page" Y1 Child


"I made a lamp out of clay. I basically flattened it and pinched it all around the sides" Y1 Child


"I loved to do the rainbows, I now know how to do all the colours of the rainbow. It was very fun. Blue and yellow make green. Yellow is a primary colour." Y1 Child


"I like drawing. I did a crab and it was really red." Reception Child


"I like painting starfishes and fishes" Reception Child