Newsletter no 38 July 20th 2017
End of Term, Payments,Medicines, Menu, Birthday Books, Buddy Bench, Parent Survey, DSPL, Play in the Parks, Summer Holiday Club.


Newsletter no 37 July 13th 2017
End of Term, Books, Lost Property, Governor Parent Survey, Jobalot, Library Books, St Albans in Bloom, Year 2 Leavers Play, Word Clouds, Sal's Shoes, Summer Reading Challenge, Class email addresses, Race Night, CSE.


Newsletter no 36 July 6th 2017
Jobalot, Word Clouds, Year 2 Leavers Play, Books, Lost Property, Library Books, Simple Solution Workshops, CSE, Community News


Newsletter no 35 June 29th 2017
School Car Park, Jobalot, Nursery Meetings, Year 2 Transition, Packed Lunches, International Mud Day, Congratulations, Violin Performance, CSE Summer Club, Community News



Newsletter no 34 June 22nd 2017
Jousters, International Mud Day, Violin Performance, Year 2 Transition, Wheatfest, St Albans Museum, Year 2 Leavers, Sal's Shoes, CSE Holiday Club, Community News



Newsletter no 33 June 15th 2017
Parent Forum, School Election, Sports Day, School Shoes, Payments, Books,Parent Courses, Play Scheme, Calendar Dates, Staffing


Newsletter no 32 May 25th 2017
Lost Property, Year 1 Target Meetings, Inset Day, Sports Day, Playground Equipment, Hot Weather, Half Term Holiday Club, Scarecrow Competition, Community News

Newsletter no 31 May 19th 2017
Nursery Admissions, Sign up Sheets, Butterflies, German Students, School Lunch, Sainsburys Vouchers, VISTA, Half Term Holiday Clubs, Jamboree


Newsletter no 30 May 12th 2017
Nursery Admissions, Road Safety Week, Herts County Show, Sign up sheets, Walk to School Week, New Play Equipment, FOWI News

Newsletter no 29 May 4th 2017
Nursery Admissions, Paradise Park, Class photographs, Road Safety Week, Sainsburys Vouchers, Herts County Show, Vista, Transition, Street Dance, FOWI News, Community News 



Newsletter no 28, April 28th 2017
Reception & Nursery Deadlines, Whipsnade Zoo Trip, Paradise Park Trip, Rocksteady,Class Photos, Junior School Meeting, Herts Show, Parent Forum, Moving Mums, Year 2 Leavers Disco DSPL7, FOWI News


Newsletter no 27 April 21st 2017
Mukibungere, Reception & Year 2 Target Meetings, Parent Support, FOWI News, Community News, 



Newsletter no 26 March 30th 2017
Governor Newsletter, Medicine & PE Kits, School Menus, Target meetings, Dinosaur Egg, Scooter Day, Class Houses, FOWI News, Community News


Newsletter no 25 23rd March 
Maths Workshop,Red Nose Day, Big Pedal, Easter Trail, School Payments, Dogs on School Premises, Parent View, Lost Property, School Grounds, FOWI News, Community News 


Newsletter no 24 16th March 2017
KS1 Playground, Reception & Year 2 Pupil Target Meetings, German Students, British Science Week, Volcanoes, Frog Watch, Maths Workshop, Comic Relief, Books, School Payments, Sustainable Ambassadors, FOWI News, Community News


Newsletter no 23  9th March 2017
Maths Workshop, Red Nose Day, Big Pedal,Year 1 Productions, Mobile Phone Law Change, Parking, FOWI News, Community News 

Newsletter no 22 2nd March 2017
World Book Day,Red Nose Day, Allergens, Telephone Numbers, St Mary's Church, Space, Vista, Easter Holiday Club, FSM,
FOWI News 

Newsletter no 21 February 23rd 2017
Ofsted Parentview, World Book Day, Allergens, Rugby Club, Parent Forum, Waste Week, School Health, Sainsburys Vouchers, Hand News, Books, FOWI Treasurer, Community News



Newsletter no 20 February 9th 2017
Stay Safe, Parent Teacher Consultation Meetings, Ofsted Parent View, Calendar, Parent Forum, World Thinking Day, World Book Day, Green Leaders, Junk Modelling, Parent Information, Half Term Holiday Clubs 


Newsletter no 19 February 2nd 2017
Keep Safe, Consultation Evenings, Early Education Free Provision, Playground Plans, Chinese New Year, RSPB Big Bird Watch, Parent Forum, FOWI News, Art



Newsletter no 18 January 26th 2017
Parent Governor, Chinese New Year, Parent Forum, Art, RSPB Big Birdwatch, Consultation Evenings, Cold Weather, Nursery Visits, Half Term Holiday Clubs, FOWI News, Community News.


Newsletter no 17 January 19th 2017
Message from Roger Thomas, Parent Governor Vacancy, Science Dressing Up Day, Digestion, Science Boffins, Space Rocket, Drama Voucher, Website, Games Club, Parking, FOWI News


Newsletter no 16 January 12th 2017
Parent Governor Vacancy, Science Dressing Up Day, School Applications, Defibrillator, Nursery Visits, eSafety Newsletter, Drama Voucher, Active Kids Vouchers, FOWI News, Safety News


Newsletter no 15 December 21st 2016
Christmas Jumper Day, PE Kits & Medicine, Target Meetings, Science Dressing Up Day, School Applications, Fitness Class, Community News


Newsletter no 14 December 15th 2016
Christmas Jumper Day, FOWI Cake Sale, Target Meetings, Pantomime tickets, Moving Mums, Prospective Nursery Parents, Lost Property, Medicines, Staff News, Last day of Term. 



Newsletter no 13 December 8th 2016
Reception Playground, Target Meetings, Christmas Post Box, FOWI Pantomime Tickets, Christmas Lunch, Christmas Songs, Christmas Jumper Day, FOWI Cake Sale, Books,  Holiday Club, Lost Property, School Uniform, Parental Support, Community News


Newsletter no 12 December 1st 2016
School Applications 2017, Christmas Tree, Santas Letters, Year 1 & Year 2 Christmas Songs, Christmas Lunch, Cake Sale, FOWI Treasurer, Severe Weather Information, Holiday Sports Clubs, Community News


Newsletter no 11 November 24th 2016
2016 Sustainable St Albans Week, Great Spotacular, Christmas Lunch, Christmas Jumper Day, Pantomime, Christmas Timetable, Church Trails

Newsletter no 10 November 17th 2016
The Great Spotacular, Frost Fair, Leave of Absence, Quadrant Visit, Christmas Lunch, School Security, Car Park, Sustainable St Albans Week, Community News



Newsletter No 9 November 10th 2016
Inset Day, School Applications 2017, Staff News, Illness,Childcare Survey, The Big Spotacular, eSafety Meeting, Parents Coffee Morning, FOWI News 


Newsletter No 8 November 3rd 2016
eSafety Meeting, Parent Coffee Morning,Inset day, The Big Spotacular, Flu Immunisation, SEN Children Focus Group, Poppies, FOWI News, 


Newsletter No 7 October 20th 2016

Term dates, Security, Path,Parent Meeting, Meals, Open Morning, Poppies, Flu Immunisations, Target Meetings, Harvest festival, Sibling Photo's, FOWI

Newsletter No 6 October 13th 2016
Harvest Festival, Target Meetings, School Car park, Sibling Photos, School Uniform, Data Collection Sheets, Holiday Clubs, Community News


Newsletter No 5 October 6th 2016
Short Trips, Harvest Festival, School Photographs, Parent Meeting, Home School Partnership, Absence, Target Meetings, Parenting Directory, Head Lice, FOWI News, Commmunity News



Newsletter No 4: September 29th 2016
School Safety and Security, eSafety Meeting for Parents, Home School Partnerships, Target meetings, After School Clubs, Open Mornings for Prospective Parents, The Great Fire of London at Wheatfields, Non Uniform Day, FOWI News, Community News


Newsletter No 3: September 22nd 2016
Non Uniform Day, Parent Teacher Meetings, Cup Cake Lunch, Allergies in School, Home School Partnership, St Albans District in Bloom, Holiday Sports Clubs, FOWI News


Newsletter No 2: September 15th 2016
Pupil Premium, Independent Skills, Parent Teacher Consultations, Non Uniform Day, Flu Immunisation, What to do if Your Child is Unwell, FOWI News

Newsletter No 1: September 8th 2016
Eid, Parent Teacher Consultations, Volunteer Induction, Non Uniform Day, Class emails, eSafety, Flu Immunisation, Medication, Clubs, FOWI News, Community News