Wheatfields Infants' and Nursery School

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School Staff




Miss Clare Cockburn


Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning

Mrs Jayne Nicholl


Assistant Headteacher Inclusion, Pastoral and Behaviour

Ms Sarah Fitzgerald (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - SENCO)
email: AHINCO@wheatfieldsinfants.herts.sch.uk





Mrs Jayne Nicholl

Mrs Anna Chase

Mrs Blythe Dowden


Early Years Practitioners

Mrs Jane Tocher

Mrs Dawn Lewis

Mrs Helen Purvis

Miss Catherine Smith

Mrs Abi Rutland-Turner

Mrs Julia Spanswick

Miss Charlotte Macfarlane

Ms Sara Rudge





Mrs Liz Pratt - Pinecones  (Year Group Leader)

Miss Jennifer Hackett - Conkers

Mrs Ros Bushi - Acorns



Early Years Practitioners

Mrs Elaine Bean

Mrs Louise Britten

Mrs Niki Evans

Mrs Debbie Carlin

Miss Charlotte Macfarlane


Year 1



Mrs Juliet Norman - Willow (Year Group Leader)

Mrs Tracey Lowe/ Ms Sarah Fitzgerald - Oak

Miss Angela Morgan - Chestnut


Learning Assistants

Mrs Lynsey Thomaidis

Miss Taylor Holden

Miss Su Ann Yong


Year 2



Miss Simone Read - Ash (Year Group Leader)

Mr Tom Rush - Beech

Miss Katrina Matthews - Maple


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Alison Maxwell

Mrs Sarah Taylor

Mrs Sarah Avvinti


Inclusion Support


Inclusion Leader: Literacy
Mrs Jean Kench


Inclusion Leader: Numeracy

Mrs Nadine Greening


Learning Support Assistants


Ms Sarah Clarke
Mrs Sarah Dibbs

Mrs Debbie Hall

Ms Carly Hunt
Mrs Janet Kihara

Mrs Katie Smith

Miss Catherine Smith

Mrs Stephanie Williams



Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Diane Nicholas

Mrs Katie Robins





Mr Kieran Neville


Sustainable Learning Environment Assistant

Mr Paul Evans




School Business Manager

Mrs Caroline Churchill


Resources Administrator

Mrs Clare Garretty


Learning and Teaching Administrator

Mrs Rachel Storkey




Midday Play Leader Supervisor

Mrs Firoza Kazi


Midday Play Leaders

Mrs Debbie Acres

Mrs Lynette Elias

Mrs Deborah Hodge

Mrs Charlotte Macfarlane

Mrs Khairah Madarbux

Mrs Jeanette Mosley

Mrs Brenda Lee

Mrs Heather Molsom

Mrs Katy Quinn



Kitchen Team


Cook Manager

Mrs Eliza Cristescu


Assistant Cook

Mrs Jenny Woollard


Kitchen Assistants

Ms Beata Jurkovenaite

Ms Melanie Heeley

Mrs Hammeda Khan




Treetops Leader

Mrs Debbie Acres


Treetops Assistants

Mrs Firoza Kazi

Mrs Tanya Lanwarne

Miss Charlotte Macfarlane

Miss Taylor Holden

Mrs Jeanette Mosley

Miss Danielle Puri

Miss Catherine Shaw

Mrs Jenny Woollard

Miss Eleanor Brown

Mr Michael Storkey

Mr Ted Fitzgerald Smith