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Sustainable Ambassadors

We have placed sustainability at the heart of our school and as such encourage all of our children to :

  • Care for themselves

  • Care for each other

  • Care for the environment


We have six Sustainable Ambassadors from Year 2 who help all of the children in school to make the school greener.


In line with the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme, we are actively working to reduce the carbon footprint of the school.


As a sustainable school, we will care for the environment and about the energy and water we consume, the waste we produce, the food we serve, the traffic we attract.

Sustainable practice is an integral part of our vision, our School Improvement Plan and our curriculum.

We will do this by:


  • Reducing our carbon emissions

  • Reducing, reusing and recycling waste

  • Reducing energy and water consumption

  • A commitment to using locally sourced produce, reducing food miles and promoting healthy eating

  • Continuing to promote walking, park and stride and cycling and scooting to school to conserve energy, reduce traffic and pollution and promote health

  • Promotion of lifelong learning

  • Enabling a strong pupil voice via our school Council and in the classroom

  • A commitment to safeguarding and ensuring that children feel safe in school

  • A respect for individual differences and cultural diversity

  • A commitment to inclusion and participation for all

  • Access to outdoor learning that connects pupils with their environment, and promotes physical and mental health within the school grounds

  • An understanding of global issues such as poverty and climate change.

Our Eco Code


  • We will turn off all of the taps and try to save water
  • We will recycle paper and plastic bottles
  • We will close doors and turn lights off to save energy
  • We will look after our pond and keep our bird feeders filled with seed
  • We will recycle our milk cartons and reduce the waste produced
  • We will encourage more people to walk to school or use buses and leave their cars at home
  • We will reduce the amount of litter produced in school and will use litter pickers to clear up.