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Little Leaders

Little Leaders help to make lunch play a fun part of the day for all children by:

  • Helping shy or nervous children to be engaged in play in one of the following areas:
    • Quiet area:  where board games/Lego/drawing take place
    • Building area:  building dens and other structures
    • Skills:  teaching them how to skip or play cricket
    • General games:  obstacle course and other games
    • Football


If a child wants to join in a game but doesn’t know what to do or is too shy, they just need to find a Little Leader who will be identified by a red or blue cap and PE bib. The Little Leader will get them started in a game or be their buddy.


All Year 2 children are given the chance to be a Little Leader and share their skills and interests with others.


Little Leaders provide an opportunity for children to take ownership of their lunch play activities, as they can determine what resources to use and how they would like to use them. It also promotes an empathetic and caring environment.


Each Year 2 class has a day to perform their role and they are supported by a member of staff.


Little Leaders efforts are acknowledged through the school reward system.