Squabble Squashers



Squabble Squashers is a peer mediation programme which has been adapted for use in our school.

Children apply for the role of a Squabble Squasher and everyone gets a chance to

have a turn if they wish.


Squabble Squashers support each other on the playground at lunchtime to help resolve conflicts, find children

to play together or listen to or cheer up a friend. As a Squable Squasher children develop skills such as

communication, negotiating, active listening and problem solving.


Our Squabble Squashers are supported by 2 play Mentors. They are given ideas and handouts to help them in

their role. Our Play Mentors are always nearby on the playground if children feel they need extra help.

Children work in mixed year and class groups of between 6 - 8 children, they have a turn once every 2 weeks.


Squabble Squashers DO:


  • Listen to both sides of the story
  • Talk about what went wrong
  • Think of ideas together
  • Ask for help from an adult when necessary


Squabble Squashers DO NOT:


  • Break up fights
  • Take sides
  • Tell people what to do
  • Act as a judge and jury


Squabble Squashers started in April 2014 and has been extremely well received by children and adults. Children feel much more confident in managing their own problems and talking about their feelings together.