Medical Information 


We are keen to work with parents and our School Nurse to ensure that medical conditions your child may have can be managed effectively in school in a caring manner. Parental consent is required before any medication can be administered and usually only medication prescribed by a doctor will be administered to a child.

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The Healthy Child Programme

Calpol will not be administered in school unless in exceptional circumstances in the case of a broken limb etc. Advice from our School Nurse is that if a child requires Calpol thay are not well enough to be in school.


A medical consent form must be completed and signed by the parent or carer before medication is kept in school. The Office Staff will be happy to help with any queries or liaise with the relevant staff members, please do not hesitate to ask for advice.


If a child returns to school before the end of a course of antibiotics please administer the doses at each end of the school day. If this is not possble and the school is able to administer medication, please provide one individual measured and labelled dose in a medicine syringe which can be otained from a pharmacist.


If your child has or develops asthma and needs to keep an inhaler in school you will be asked to complete a medical consent form and a National Asthma Campaign card with additional information. A white sticky label will need to be completed with the child’s name and dose to be administered, this will be attached to the inhaler.

Diarrhoea and/or vomiting : Children should be kept away from school for 48 hours from last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting.

Parents with children that have serious allergies requiring an Epipen or who have a serious medical condition will be invited into school to discuss the individual requirements of their child to ensure that we can provide the best care and support possible. Any necessary paper work will be completed at this time.


Please can you ensure thatany medication kept in school is in date.


Please also let us know about any changes in your child’s medical history, which may affect them in school, particularly allergies. Any letters with medical information content are kept on file in school.



First Aid


Designated Nursery and Reception staff undertake a Paediatric First Aid course, specialising in first aid for younger children. Training is updated every 3 years. Accidents are recorded in a First Aid Log. Parents will be contacted by telephone if their child is involved in a facial, head or other sensitive area accident, if anything other than minor. 

Children who have minor head bumps or injuries which may need more attention at home will bring home aninformation letter. Children suffering a head bump will wear a special sticker, alerting teachers and staff to a bump. We always try to phone parents and notify them if their child has had a head bump in school.


Unfortunately, staff are not permitted to remove deep splinters, debris in eyes, or embedded objects. In such situations we will normally telephone parents or carers and invite them into school to take appropriate action.