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Click here to see the slides from the recent Year 1 & Year 2 Maths Meeting

Our aproach to maths is very practical and hands on. the children are encouraged to use resources and explain their thinking all of the time. We suggest you play maths games at home as well.






Please click below for printable versions of resources we use in school


Arrow Cards


Number Tracks 1 -20


Number Tracks 1- 100


Tens and Units


5 Frame


10 Frame


Double 10 Frame






Year 1

Year 2


Games - Useful Websites



ICT Games

My Maths

You Cubed

National Numeracy

Rich Maths



Counting and Number Facts



Place Value


Number Facts


Missing Number Problems



Glossary of Maths Words







Addition Single Digits


Addition Using Part Partitioning


Adition Using Partitioning


Addition Single Digits Using Number Lines


Adding 2 Digit numbers Using Number Lines



Support for Mums and Dads



A Guide to Helping Your Child With Number and Maths Language: Nursery


A Guide to Helping Your Child with Number: Reception


A Guide to Helping Your Child With Number: Year 1


A Guide to Helping Your Child With Number: Year 2



Division & Multiplication







How We Teach Multiplication and Division and Fractions



Shape Space and Measure



How we Teach Shape, Space and Measure








Subtraction Single Digits


Subtracting Single Digit Numbers Using Number Lines


Subtracting 2 Digit Numbers


Finding the Difference


Finding the Difference Using a Number Line



Using Number Bonds to Bridge 10's



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