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School Governors


We meet regularly throughout the school year, both as a full Governing Body and also in our two committees (Impact on Learning and Resources) to look in detail at different aspects of the school’s work and environment.

These aspects include:

Promoting high standards of education and achievement

Setting direction, policies and objectives for the school’s long term future

Work with the Senior Leadership Team to set the school’s aims and values

Approving the allocation and control of the school budget

Reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives

Appointing staff

Challenging and supporting the Headteacher


Governors can be contacted by email :


We visit the school on a regular basis (twice a term) to go into different classrooms and observe learning activities. We are guided on our visits by aspects of the School Improvement plan (SIP) which the Headteacher would like us to monitor. 

We feel it is important to ensure that parents are kept informed as much as possible about the school and Governor activities. A Newsletter is sent at the end of each term to parents and the more recent ones are available below as pdf files

December 2017

July 2017

March 2017



Governor Committee Terms of Reference



Governor List


The School Governing Body has recently been re-constituted such that there are
14 Governors who have voting rights.

There are two sub-committees
• Impact on Learning (IoL)
• Resources (Res)

Recommendations for the size and composition of Wheatfields Infants and Nursery School is as follows:


• 5 x Parent Governors 

Mark Adams (IoL)

Heather Molsom (Res)

Vicky Penn (IoL)

Debbie Chachulski (IoL)

Mrs Kate Garcia (IoL)



1 x Staff Governors

Jennifer Hackett (IoL)

• 1 x Head Teacher
Clare Cockburn (IoL)(Res)

 7 x Co-opted Governors

Roger Thomas (Chair of FGB) (IoL) (Res)
Hayley Gilbert ( Chair of IoL)

Craig Furner (Res)
Caroline Churchill (Res)
James Rodea (Res)
Chris Kelly (Res)
Father Grant Holmes (IoL) 

• Associate Governors
Lyndon Evans
Anna Chase
Michael Clarke






Name: Roger Thomas
Category: LA Governor
Governors Term of Office: 11/10/2015 – 10/10/2019
Committees:Impact on Learning /Resources
Areas of Responsibility: Chair of FGB/Heads PM Committee/PE/Pay Committee
Relevant associated interests: Chair of Wheatfields Junior School/AQA Moderator
Personal relationships with school:None

Coming from a farming background, I took a degree in Agricultural Engineering before joining David Brown Tractors as a graduate trainee.  I moved into Marketing and Sales until the company merged with International Harvesters and became Case International.  It was then that I took a different path and started a career in education, firstly as a senior lecturer in a college in South Wales and then as Head of Agricultural Engineering at Oaklands College.  Following mergers with St Albans FE and the Building College I became Head of Land Based Studies and for a number of years I was an Associate Ofsted Inspector.  Latterly I joined AQA (an exam board) to develop new Land Based qualifications and the Extended Project.  I joined the Infant School Governing Body to try to appreciate the primary curriculum which my two grandsons are now following.



Name:Clare Cockburn 
Category: Head
Appointing Body: Governors
Term of Office: 01/09/2017
Committees: Resources/Impact on Learning
Areas of Responsibility: Curriculum
Relevant associated interests: None
Personal relationships with school: Headteacher


Name: Mark Adams
Category: Parent
Appointing Body: Parent Election
Term of Office: 23/09/2013 – 22/09/2017
Committees: Impact on Learning
Areas of Responsibility: Computing/Community
Relevant associated interests: None
Personal relationships with school: Child in Reception

I am the father of three daughters. I see the Parent Governor role as an ideal opportunity for me to give something back to the school. I have previous committee experience with a local wildlife charity. As an IT professional I would like to explore more efficient ways for the governors to communicate their work with parents and the wider community.




Name: Caroline Churchill
Category: Co-opted
Appointing Body: Governors
Term of Office: 01/09/2015 – 31/08/2019
Committees: Resources
Areas of Responsibility: Finance/Buildings
Relevant associated interests: None
Personal relationships with school: Member of staff





Name Craig Furner
Category:Co Opted
Appointing Body: Governors
Terms of Office: 29/03/16 - 28/03/20
Areas of Responsibility: Health and Safety
Relevant Associated Interests: None
Personal Relationships with School:Child in Nursery


I have lived in St Albans for 12 years now and became involved with Wheatfields Infants' School in 2008 when my elder daughter Emma started there, to be followed by our daughter Ava a few years later and now our son has just started his school career at the school. I became a governor to give something back to the school that played such a vital role in my own childrens’ lives. I have a 20 year career in Financial services and enjoy sports and spending time with my family. Most of my free time these days is spent next to the hockey and rugby fields supporting my kids!




Name:  Hayley Gilbert
Category:  Parent
Appointing Body:  Parent Election
Term of Office:  24/10/2012 – 22/10/20
Committees:  Impact on Learning
Areas of Responsibility:  SEN/Chair Impact on Learning/Safeguarding
Relevant associated interests: Assistant Head at Bernards Heath Junior School
Personal relationships with school:  None

'I joined the Governing Body in 2012 and am currently the chair of the IoL committee. I am the mother of two boys who have attended Wheatfields Infants school and have successfully moved on to the Juniors. I have lived locally all of my life and have been a teacher at another well regarded local school for 17 years. I have been Assistant Headteacher for 4 years where my responsibilities include managing assessment, implementing interventions and ensuring inclusion. I believe my knowledge of the education system has been extremely useful to the governing body thus far and look forward to continuing in this role.'



Name: Vicky Penn
Category: Parent
Appointing Body: Parent Election
Term of Office: 14/10/2014 – 13/10/2018
Committees: Impact on Learning
Areas of responsibility: Early Years
Relevant associated interests: None
Personal relationships with school: Child in Year 1

I have been an Impact on Learning Governor since October 2014 and I am enjoying supporting the school in this role. I live locally and I am a mother of two girls and a boy, I am a full time mum who works as a Primary Supply Teacher in Hertfordshire occasionally. Having worked as a Primary Teacher for over 13 years I feel I have skills and attributes I can offer the Impact On Learning Committee on the Governing body and I look forward to doing so over the next few years.


Name: Debbie Chachulski

Appointing Body : Parent Election
Terms of Office: 23/01/17 - 22/01/2021
Area of Responsibility:
Relevant Associated Interests: None
Personal Relationships With School: Parent of Child in Year 1 

My son is currently in Year 1 and my daughter is in Nursery. I work part time for a large utility company, as a Health and Safety Educational Advisor, with previous experince in Internal Audit. I also run a local playgroup, something I have been involved in for over 3 years. I am passionate about giving back to my community and making a difference and believe I have the right skills and attributes to positively contribute as a Parent Governor.


Name: James Rodea
Category: Co-opted
Appointing Body: Governors
Term of Office: 20/10/2015 – 19/10/19
Committees: Resources
Areas of Responsibility: HR/Heads PM Committee/Pay Committee
Relevant associated interests: None
Personal relationships with school: Child in Reception

James Rodea is an Executive Director with a shareholding in the company he works for, SPF Private Clients, based at 55 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5DX.  James has been with SPF, over two terms for 17 years.  SPF is a financial services company offering advice in mortgages, insurance and financial planning.  



Name: Heather Molsom
Category : Parent
Appointing Body: Parent Election
Term of Office: 16/06/2014 – 15/6/2018
Committees: Resources/Pay
Areas of Responsibility: Finance
Relevant associated interests: None
Personal relationships with school: Child in Year 2

I joined the Governing Body in 2014, taking a role in the Resources Committee supporting the Leadership Team on the finance agenda.  I am a Chartered Management Accountant, with more than 15 years’ experience working in commercial and operational finance roles for large corporations and am currently spending time at home looking after our three boys.  I moved to Marshalswick three years ago with my family, and am looking forward to all three boys attending and developing at Wheatfields Infants and Nursery


Name: Chris Kelly
Category : Co-opted
Appointing Body: Governors
Term of Office:01/10/16 - 30/09/20
Committee: Resources
Areas of Responsibility:Pay Committee
Relevant associated interests: None
Personal relationships with school:None

A former mathematics teacher and first class cricket umpire who for the last 15 years has been involved in the management of cricket umpiring at both ICC and ECB. Currently in my second term as a school Governor, moving from parent to community Governor when both children moved on from the school.


Name: Father Grant Holmes
Category: Co-opted
Term of Office:
Appointing Body: Governors
Committee:Impact on Learning 
Areas of Responsibilty:
Relevant associated interests:None
Personal relationship with school: Local Vicar 

Fr Grant is the Vicar of Marshalswick. He was born in County Durham but moved to Lancashire soon after. He was ordained in 1979 and has served in both parochial ministry and sector ministries (theological education and the NHS). 


Name: Jennifer Hackett
Category: Staff
Appointing Body: Staff Election
Term of Office:03/09/16 - 02/09/20
Committee: Impact on Learning
Areas of Responsibility: KS1/P.E.
Rellevant Associated Interests:teacher
Personal interest with school: Member of teaching staff

Name: Kate Garcia
Category : Parent
Appointing Body: Parent Election
Term of Office: 
Committees: Impact on Learning
Areas of Responsibility: 
Relevant associated interests: None
Personal relationships with school: Child in Year 1

I ama parent of two children, my daughter is currently in year 1. I have been involved in FOWI for the last two years organising the Summer Jamboree has been my biggest task to date. I am an enthusiastic and committed individual who can provide positive input and support when making decisions about the school.