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FOWI have already started planning the next events. If you would like to be part of the fun, part of the preparations and part of the team who raise funds for our fantastic school come along to our meetings, or drop us an email at: kavham.fowi@hotmail.com. Everyone is very welcome. To quote one of our newest committee members after the Festive Fair; “Feeling a part of something great.”

Hament Patel and Katie Smith

Co-Chairs of FOWI



Once your child joins Wheatfields Infants’ and Nursery School, you automatically become a member of the Friends of Wheatfields Infants’ (FOWI), a charitable organization that arranges events, enabling parents to socialise and get to know each other, whilst raising money for the school. FOWI is run by parent volunteers and always need help. If you can spare a little bit of time to not only support the events but also help in organising them!! Bigger events such as the Frost Fair or the Summer Jamboree are organised alongside smaller events such as cake and uniform sales or a children’s disco. We also host several social evening events for parents.

Last year was fantastic with never a moment to spare. We  worked with some amazing people who dedicated a lot of time and effort into doing different tasks. It is the hard work of the FOWI volunteers that makes events successful and in turn helps raise funds for the school and our children.


We are very pleased to say we raised over £23,000! This money has been used for a number of things including: the KS1 playground, the St Albans Museum project, iPads and laptops for the children to use in school, visualisers for the classrooms, chairs and a PA system for the hall, poetry workshops for the children, various playground apparatus, sensory equipment and story sacks for the nursery.

As you can see the money is used in different areas of the school so every child and department benefits from it.


FOWI are always looking for more volunteers. The volunteers can help as a one off or on a regular basis depending on what works for you. This year we are looking for volunteers to work within sub-committees that will run each event. Thank you to those who have already shown an interest, we are looking forward to working with you. If you would like to be part of the FOWI committee and be a volunteer for us, or even share some ideas for fundraising, please contact us.


Kindest Regards,

Hament Patel

Co-Chair of FOWI


Future Dates 


Non Uniform Day For Bottle Tombola : Friday 17th May 2019

Summer Jamboree: Saturday 18th May 2019

Parents Social Event: Friday 14th June 2019

Bags2School: Thursday 20th june

Wheatfest: Friday 28thJune 2019

Panto Information December 15th 2018

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