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At Wheatfields, we aim to deliver an outstanding curriculum that is:


  • underpinned by aims, values and purpose;
  • fun, enjoyable and memorable;
  • flexible and responsive to the children’s needs and interests;
  • underpinned by aims, values and purpose;
  • develops the whole child;
  • has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills;
  • offers purposeful experiences;
  • uses environments beyond the classroom;
  • makes strong cross curricular links;
  • has a local, national and international dimension where appropriate

Teachers and other adults at Wheatfields create a positive climate for learning in which pupils are interested and engaged. Teaching strategies, together with support and intervention, match individual needs.

All children have a positive attitude to school and believe they can achieve.  Teachers, pupils and parents are aware of our high expectations and have equal ambition to reach them. The exceptional organisation of teaching and learning ensures children have a rich and varied experience which enthuses, motivates and engages them in their learning. Staff use the learning heroes developed from the work of Guy Claxton to develop resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and reflectiveness in all our children

Teachers inspire the pupils to learn through their energy, enthusiasm, the creative use of resources and the creation of wonderfully inviting learning environments both indoors and outdoors.  Teachers are skilled at making learning interesting, using their knowledge of the pupils to plan lessons that closely meet individual learning needs. Skilled and well-planned questioning is used to probe the pupils’ thinking by requiring detailed answers. The curriculum has been reviewed so that trips, visitors, outdoor learning and practical elements offer real experiences to engage children in a topic theme.  This theme is then applied across the range of subjects - requiring a cross-curricular skills approach.  The children enjoy this and are motivated.

The emphasis throughout is on a broad and balanced ‘language-rich’ curriculum, delivered in an innovative and engaging manner, with English and Mathematics at its core.  At every opportunity pupils are challenged, questioned and encouraged to excel.  Teamed with memorable experiences and a stimulating learning environment, we aim to nurture a life-long love of learning.


Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum 2017 

Year 1 Outdoor Learning 

Year 2 Outdoor Learning 


Nursery Autumn 2017 Curriculum

Reception Autumn 2017 Curriculum

Year 1 Autumn 2017 Curriculum

Year 2 Autumn 2017 Curriculum


Nursery Spring 2018 Curriculum

Reception Spring 2018 Curriculum

Year 2 Spring 2018 Curriculum