On their learning journey within our school, our children will grow into confident, happy, independent individuals who can collaborate and communicate effectively, achieve well and respect the diverse communities that make up our world. 


In an ever changing world, we believe our children should develop a strong set of values that underpin their learning and enable them to become resilient, lifelong learners. Each child will learn a range of skills and knowledge that will enable them to recognise the contribution and responsibility they have to developing a sustainable world.


We will achieve this by:


- Creating a safe sustainable learning environment

- Providing an enjoyable, challenging and creative, skills based curriculum

- Developing a high quality school team who have high expectations for all children and act as positive role models listening and taking account of their opinions

- Teaching the children to respect each other and all adults and to value the ideas, beliefs and diversity of our inclusive school community ensuring equality for all

- Developing positive partnerships with parents the local and wider community



School Improvement Plan



Our School Improvement Plan is a working document aimed at improving and developing our school in a range of areas. The plan sets objectives for improving teaching and learning and considers standards of achievement and pupil well-being. The School Improvement Plan enables us to achieve our School Aims and Vision. The Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team regularly report progress of the plan to our Governors at Committee and full Governors' meetings.


The Senior Leadership Team is comprised of


Acting Headteacher - Clare Cockburn
Assistant Headeacher - Jayne Nicholl 
Assistant Headteacher - Sarah Fitzgerald
Assistant Headteacher - Anna Chase
Foundation Stage Leader - Simone Read
Foundation Stage Leader - Juliet Norman

Key Stage Leader - Jennifer Hackett
  Key Stage Leader - Rosalind Bushi
School Business Manager - Caroline Churchill 



3 year School Improvement Plan


Provide an enjoyable, challenging, creative skills based curriculum

To develop children’s skills as learners

Ensure all children have Basic skills in place

To develop creative skills based curriculum

To engage and extend learning opportunities for all children

Develop a high quality school team who have high expectations for all children and act as positive role models

To ensure the school premises are safe and secure for all members of the school community

To develop effective learning environments

All children to develop understanding of keeping safe in and out of school

To develop sustainable school premises


Shared Vision and understanding of whole school team

Effective continuing personal development linked to whole school improvement

Clear understanding of impact of role on children’s learning

Effective leadership at all levels in school

Teaching children to respect and value the ideas, beliefs and diversity of our inclusive community

Excellent inclusive provision for all children

Effective teaching and modelling of PSCHE values by all staff

To develop the role of pupil voice in school

To challenge and improve established beliefs and understandings of diversity within the school community

Positive partnerships with parents, the local and wider community

Develop and extend links with the local community

Improve understanding of the wider community


 School Improvement Plan 2016 - 2017



To develop high quality leadership and management skills across whole staff team that encourages, challenges and supports teacher improvement

Quality of Teaching Learning and Assessment
To sustain the high expectations and excellent teaching across all teams

Personal development , Behaviour and Welfare
To continue to maintain and further build children’s positive attitudes to learning independently , keeping safe and respecting others

Outcomes for Pupils
Continue to sustain high standards and excellent progress for all children