Summer 2017

Dear Parents As the term draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous contributions to our fundraising efforts for the school and all the children.


As you may be aware, our goal for July 2017 is £25,000! for the incredible new play equipment in the playground. 

So in short, since September 2016, your contributions have enabled the school to do so much for the children already and we are very excited about the upcoming term. We have lots of events planned and we know that great fun will be had by all.

With a portion of these funds, we have been able to assist the school in funding the following items for the children to enjoy this term:

1. Science Equipment (Fred the life-size skeleton, a human torso with organs, child-size x-rays, animal x- rays, mini beast x-rays and bugs in acrylic squares).

2. Y2 Shed – now used to store the outdoor learning items

3. Music Equipment – each child in the year group will have a music instrument to play

4. 32 Xylophones - much loved by each child (and the teachers of course)

5. RE equipment – these visual aids help the children to learn more about the six main faiths.

Our efforts continue next term with many more events planned. With your support we know that we can exceed our target and ensure that all the children benefit from the funds raised this year.

Thank you once again for all your support!

We know there are many talented parents at our school and are always happy to welcome those who would like to help us in our efforts. There is always a need for an extra pair of hands, whether that is on an ad-hoc basis or something more consistent, feel free to let us know how you would like to help.

We wish you and the children a wonderful half-term and look forward to Spring!

Regards, Luan Wheeler & Melanie Lottering

FOWI Co-Chairs




£25k to fund Key Stage 1 playground development 



If you would like to get involved with FOWI in any way then we would love to hear from you….

email Melanie or speak to anyone else already involved with FOWI.



 Gillian Wilson has stood down from the Treasurer role .  Gillian has set up events analysis and fund raising forecasts which are easy to follow and help us plan for future events. Being Treasurer is a great role for your CV, is there a parent with accounting skills who would be interested in taking this role over? Please speak directly to Gillian, FOWI or the School office.


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Future Events



Wheatfest:Friday 30th June 2017

Race Night October - 6th October 2017 date to be confirmed